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The woman is on top during sex. Possibly THE greatest sexual position.
by 1001 October 09, 2003
The male lies on his back while his partner straddles his torso. She controls the rhythm and depth of penetration. He lies flat with movement restricted somewhat by her weight and his lack of leverage. Some women prefer to lay forward so she may kiss her mate, while others choose to sit up straight. Regardless of which you prefer, an interesting idea is to just rock back and forth or in a circular motion while resting on your partner’s body. There is more clitoral stimulation this way, and it also has the advantage of the feeling of deep penetration, which some women really like. Another great advantage is that this motion is less stimulating for a man, and he can often last longer this way.
I love it when my woman is on top.
by Bud E Love May 16, 2003
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