A dance of excitement, usually performed when something goes well or when you're right about something
Ryan did a little woggle when he found out he was right
by FoxyLoxy80 October 01, 2008
Top Definition
A Woggle is the small ring (which is usually plastic) in which a scout puts their neckerchief and tightens it
Scout Leader: Sarah Brown, Where Is You're Woggle
*Sarah Brown feels her neck*
Sarah Brown: Oh Feck, I think I left my woggle by the geraniums.
by Trademarkfantasy August 03, 2005
a long, slender, styrofoam pool toy approximately two to three inches in diameter, frequently having a hollow core
Much to the dismay of her friends, Jenna blew into the hole on one end of her woggle, causing water to spew from the other end and onto Morgan's shoulder.
by AveryCreeps June 15, 2010
A word describing the sounds of fellatio during vigorous facial intercourse. Such as the suction and slirping of her throat and/or cheek against his penis.
"She {woggled} him so hard his {penis} fractured."

"That {stripper} is {woggling} him in the corner."

"A {woggle} was in order when Candice rubbed up on Cletus's {crotch} during his {lap dance}."
by Rattmausch June 08, 2009
The best word in the world! Woggle means anything and everything, however it is usually translated to mean something dirty, or people think it means something dirty even when you are simply refering to the brushing of your teeth!
"Alexa! Stop woggling in public!"
"ANA! You KNOW you're not supposed to woggle in public restrooms!"
"Ellie! Stop woggling Erin!"
by Shortcake May 04, 2005
A racist term refering to a group of african people, or 'wogs'. It is extremely offensive, however can be used by black people to greet others.
Oh my god! There's a huge woggle headed this way! better lock the car!
by mikkkle22 November 15, 2010
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