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A labble is basically the tounge vigorously interacting with the female's labium or clitoris.
"He {labbled} her so much that she {girl squirted} in his mouth mid-labble."

"I caught them {labbling} eachother in the {69} position on their balcony."

"A {labble} is a girl's best friend."
by Rattmausch June 08, 2009
A word describing the sounds of fellatio during vigorous facial intercourse. Such as the suction and slirping of her throat and/or cheek against his penis.
"She {woggled} him so hard his {penis} fractured."

"That {stripper} is {woggling} him in the corner."

"A {woggle} was in order when Candice rubbed up on Cletus's {crotch} during his {lap dance}."
by Rattmausch June 08, 2009

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