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MPUK is a group of like minded people from the Champagne region of France who all enjoy a good game of lawn bowls.
"Join MPUK - we like rolling our balls in the grass..."
by Elbonio May 26, 2004
Biggles' second cousin
"I say Biggles, whatever happend to that second cousin of yours?"

"SquireMuldoon? Well patsy, old chap he's working for the Germans these days dont you know!"

"Really, biggles? Good Lord!"

"right you are patsy, right you are..."
by Elbonio May 04, 2004
A now obselete printing ink.
Please pass me the green towneh.
by Elbonio February 24, 2004
Very, very long
Good lord! That's almost as lengthy as a mingtea!
by Elbonio February 24, 2004
The other book by J.R Hartley
Hello I was wondering if you could help me, i'm looking for a book called Gunsmith by J.R. Hartley...... oh you do? Wonderful!
by Elbonio October 26, 2004
A device for the removal of fluff from clothes that have been stored on a floor
Damnit this shirt is the only remotely clean one i have, but it has fluff all over it. Bring forth my her0n.
by Elbonio May 04, 2004
To penetrate in ignorance, accidental sex and gross misunderstandings in Turkish Baths.
I didnt even know I sexiosted...
by Elbonio January 11, 2006

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