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A beautiful girl who is perfect in everyway, the only way you will know if they are a 'wizzle' is if you come up with the nickname for them. She always cheers a special boy up, it is very gorgeous and has the cutest voice ever, "she" knows who she is if she is reading this. She is extremely addictive and a special someone will never give up on her, she knows what she wants but she won't take the opportunity when she has it.
See her? That's my wizzle
by jameswood401 December 11, 2012
Good. Great.
How you feeling? Wizzle
by Wizzle wii December 16, 2013
Bald 32 year olds who used to look like Slim Shady
Wizzle just bought the new Maroon 5 CD
by pg234 December 23, 2009
someone with an abnormally large head, who carries a terrible stench where ever they go and could be described as 'walking filth'.
'you remind me of wizzle.'
'that garbage looks and smells like wizzle.'
by lotrr October 16, 2007
instead of nizzle for a black person use wizzle for a white person
fo shizzle ma wizzle
by pimped out January 11, 2003
(wih - zuhl) noun. A pretty eyed, cute-o, love pocket.
Person #1: Wow! Look at that wizzle serving ice cream!

Person #2: Yeah, she is pretty cute.
by miltdudlover March 18, 2009
NICKMOD's word for weed.
damn doo! that mango flavored wizzle hit me like a train maaaayne!
by nickmod April 06, 2007