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The epitome of manliness. You don't touch this studmuffin unless you've got boobs and a vagina. So strong he could break any bone in your body by sneezing. He's a guy you just don't mess with.
Holy shit, don't mess with that guy over there, the one with 8 girls around him, he's a Nikhil.
by tu sabe April 12, 2008
a totally hot awesome super sex god. often loved by men just as much as women love him, but he's not a fag. looks good in spandex too. part of the pillarz
woah, that hot indian guy, he's such a Nikhil
by hottie69 March 30, 2008
Someone who tends to repeat words of praise to no end (e.g. "respect" and "times"). While such a person is a brilliant engineer and mathematician, they are hopeless when it comes to counting shots.
"Hey man take it easy, that's you're twelfth shot."
"Respect yo, Respect, Respect, Respect, Respect, this is my 1452nd shot."
"Oh you're such a Nikhil!"
by Demostheness January 02, 2010
word for male cougar

dude that's so desperate that he tries to bang girls younger than him
"look at that senior dude with all the freshman chics. He wants on them"
"yeah man, he's such a nikhil!"
by trollinalldayeryday October 20, 2011
a male nipple
John: Hey Tim, your nikhil is sticking out
Tim: Thanks bro
by wantingsomenomnoms October 16, 2010
A reckless person. A person who is absolutely just reckless. The definition of reckless in this context: refers to ignoring phone calls, being late, forgetting to do things, and not knowing how to drive properly.
Pick up your phone man. You're such a nikhil.
by VenDiesel October 22, 2007
(n.) A pretentious attention whore. This person just appears to have a messy gaping butthole

(v)People that are just screwing around; another way to say people are just "screwing each other in the ass"
GOD, why does he have to be constantly pointing out things that dont matter? He is being such a Nikhil right now!

by genericjnames September 14, 2009
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