a jewish asian that's really equadorian
walter, who's your rabi?
i don't know.
you're not a wizzle.
by Paige and daytona June 11, 2008
A random part of your body (usually a part with a hole)
I owned you up the wizzle!
by Josh November 12, 2004
Like "fo shizzle my nizzle", but wizzle=wigger
"You're just a wizzle fo shizzle!"
by Christy January 15, 2003
Another form of the slang term "word".
You going to the party tonight?
- Wizle.
by The Feet May 30, 2004
a wigger in south compton wizzin on the side of a church
beat that wizzke to the izzle frizzle
by Patt Mcgroin May 09, 2003
A funny word that you say with wozzle.
Man: I don't know what you are talking about. Wizzle wozzle.
by sukebe December 02, 2006
White person who tries really hard to be black or tries too hard to be pimpin'
That boy is such a wizzle.
by Megafizzle November 10, 2003

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