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1. blunts filled with crack, weed and herion

2. Street name for methamphetamine that can be taken by snorting

3. Wiz or Wizer is street slang for the drug Speed
man that dealer hooked me up with some killer wiz.

yo my man we were chillin by the day smokin a wiz

He is wired on wiz at the moment
by ABSOLUTE February 17, 2008
341 115
1. to receive money and leave the imediate area avoiding the indivuals that you owe money to; to scam by borrowing money under false pretensises of an arrangment to pay back.
2. the act or receiving money or form of payment for a good or service and then purchase that good and keeping it for yourself.
1. He got his pay check and left with out paying the money he owed me, he pulled a wiz.
by Joseph Romano December 04, 2008
30 141
short for "wizard" and usually used to indicate that someone is talented at a particular task.
"When it comes to fixing cars, he's a wiz."
by kyohaku August 06, 2008
49 161
1. One who is exceptionally talented in a certain field, whether it being acedemic or sport-related.
2. Slang for having to urinate.
1. That person is a wiz at basketball.
2. I need to wiz, I'll find a bush.
by Cameron "Schblade" December 03, 2003
95 218
your girlfriend wiz comes from the word wisdom meaning the women is wisdom

a: Accumulated philosophic or scientific learning-knowledge; b: Ability to discern inner qualities and relationships-insight; c: Good sense-judgment d: Generally accepted belief <challenges what has become accepted wisdom among many historians
i got to meet up with my wiz
by jason36360 October 28, 2007
49 193
someone who is a showoff or that makes everything become funny. Also used to say someone is annyoying
shut up, your such a wiz!!
by Bench Lee October 03, 2007
3 201
in the Philadelphian Dialect (a language within a language) this word is short for "cheese wiz". this tasty treat goes on top of cheese steaks.
LXC: Wiz? No wiz?
JPF: What?
LXC: Wiz? No wiz?
JPF: What?
by JPF XVIII March 11, 2003
13 225
(adjective) wordCool, highly impressive, intricate, unusual or (for a person) someone savvy & canny.

Outdated slang (by the 1990s) for a person or gadget. "Wiz" as abbreviation for "wizard", i.e. indicating the Wizard of Oz with his lightshows and gadgets.

Made popular again as SF slang in Cyperpunk roleplaying games.
He's the wiz kid! (the wonder kid)
That new multi-function toy is really wiz!
by Memehunter August 19, 2003
7 220