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Abbrev. for Corporation, usually with negative connotations.
He's a true corp man, he sprouts soundbytes of corp propaganda all day.
The new Microsoft statement is such a piece of corp propaganda.
by Memehunter August 19, 2003
A formally dressed business man, without individuality or human qualities, a corporation drone, named for their most prominent item of clothing.
The ties are all in a meeting.
He sold himself to the Big Business, and now he's such a tie.
by Memehunter August 19, 2003
A couch potato who is heavily into virtual sports, i.e. computer golfing or computer football.
He can't run 10 meters without collapsing but he brags about how he won the 99 World Cup - on his screen. He's such a cyberathlete.
by Memehunter August 19, 2003
Athlete in professional sports who uses illegal metabolism-boosting drugs or - in Cyberpunk slang - cyber(netic) implants to enhance his sports performance (strength, speed etc).
Cyberathletes have an unfair advantage over athletes who rely solely on their natural bodies and training.
by Memehunter August 19, 2003
(adjective) wordCool, highly impressive, intricate, unusual or (for a person) someone savvy & canny.

Outdated slang (by the 1990s) for a person or gadget. "Wiz" as abbreviation for "wizard", i.e. indicating the Wizard of Oz with his lightshows and gadgets.

Made popular again as SF slang in Cyperpunk roleplaying games.
He's the wiz kid! (the wonder kid)
That new multi-function toy is really wiz!
by Memehunter August 19, 2003

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