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to wee, pee, or urinate
'ere yar mate, look after me drink while i go for a wiz!
by miss.louise November 17, 2006
When a regular cocaine sniffer experiences a puffy and bloated appearence in the face, especially the cheeks.
Tom: lyndsey used to be so hot but she's got all fat in the face.

Ted: Nar man, she's just got a bad case of coke bloat.

Tom: Arr right, she needs to get off the blow.
by miss.louise May 14, 2007
The greatest invention known to man.
Invented by the Norwegians and present in every Norwegian home in at least one style.

To you and me, this great invention would be known as a 'cheese slicer'; enabling the user to precision cut the perfect slice of cheese.
Englishman: "Say here, when i cut my cheese with the cheese knife it's always in uneven slices and chunks the size of apples; what am i to do?"

Big Strong Norwegian: "Here, borrow my ostehøvel..."

Englishman: "Wowza! These slices of cheese are so thin and even. I salute you!"
by miss.louise August 01, 2008
When Person A urinates onto or into the anus of Person B
Cara - "Last night Johnny pissed all over my bum hole"
debbie - "So he gave you a golden ring?"
by miss.louise August 14, 2006
to describe food that looks really tasty.
That cheese toastie looks propper scranny, mate!
by miss.louise August 16, 2006

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