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1. one of the two main characters from the MTV show "Beavis and Butthead"
2. used in slang to respond to a person who has just spoken. It sometimes follows something simple which was said or denotes a slight disbelief in what was said. It could also indicate that someone isn't too bright.
"I'm gonna get rich by doing what that guy did."
"Ok, Beavis."

"Watch, I'll fix this myself. It isn't dangerous."
"Uh, Beavis?"
by kyohaku August 06, 2008
same as "shove it (up your ass)"
"Yo man, stick it."
by kyohaku August 06, 2008
huge fucking tits
"Damn, she has some huge gozongas!"
by kyohaku August 06, 2008
an insult, often used in anger, to indicate that someone is stupid or has done something wrong
"You dropped the glass you stupidfuck!"
by kyohaku August 06, 2008
describes a person who changes their sexual preference
"She used to like guys but she flipped."
by kyohaku August 06, 2008
slang for money that one has earned
"How do you get coin?"
"I work at the law office."
by kyohaku August 06, 2008
a combination of the words "dillhole" and "dumbfuck," denoting an undesirable or unintelligent person
"You're going to make us lose the game, dillfuck!"
by kyohaku August 06, 2008

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