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sexy NS player
Wither is seksi
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
7 23
An over enthusiastic form of the infamous fanny wet. It is contagious and should be shouted at pinnacles.
to be used as a verb
"you want to withers with me now, right now"
by bettybooped March 25, 2007
8 6
A Southern pronunciation of "With Our"
Let me check wither guys in the office.
by Kojak2 October 01, 2013
0 1
The food that accompanies the main substance of a meal, ie. the veg or chips etc. Similar to afters.
"We're having chicken for tea, what do you want for withers?"
by Phil Kirwan January 24, 2008
4 9
1337 NS player, ph34red by many.
omfg it's Wither, game over man.
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
8 24