Top Definition
To get smashed/drunk/hammered/fucked.
"I'm going to get absolutely Withered tonight!!"
by Steveboi November 03, 2014
Messed up, hauled, generally in a mental or physical state of being outside of what would be considered healthy, sober, or sane.
Man, I was so withered last night!
by Stiffyyy April 08, 2008
When a women who was previously attractive has become significantly less attractive (opposite of a sprout)
"Holy shit man I haven't seen *name* in so long, I can't believe how much she withered"
by FIGJAM COSTI December 23, 2012
A word used by Brits to describe a very skinny person.
Mate, you're withered you!
by RaGeeX March 03, 2015
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