Something that is made of wood and floats in water. It can be confirmed they are a witch by seeing if the "witch" weighs the same as a duck, which also floats in water. Since witches are made of wood, which floats on water, the witch would have to float like a duck. Therefore they would weigh the same, making her a witch.
Bedevere: Does wood sink in water?
Peasants: No, no, it floats! It floats! THROW HER INTO THE POND!!!!
Bedevere: What also floats in water?

Arthur: A DUCK!
Bedevere: Exactly. So logically...
Peasant: If she weighs the same as a duck, she's made of wood.
Bedevere: And therefore?
Peasants: A WITCH!!!!
by the real master of puppets July 19, 2009
A guy that has a boner, grabs his dick with both hands, and runs around acting like he's flying on a broom.
Guy: *sprints past a group of people with hands on his dick singing the witch theme from the Wizard of Oz"

Random girl: *screams* "LOOK A WITCH!"
by Opticaltoxin March 29, 2015
1) Any person engaged in or practicing the varied Magickal Arts of Witchcraft.

2) A term commonly misused in a derogatory manner, referring back to the time of the Witch-Craze.
1) "Scott Cunningham was a Wiccan Author and self-proclaimed Witch."

2) "That girl in class is such a witch for doing that thing that time with so-and-so!"
by Brother Pigeon May 26, 2004
A word misused by idiots in place of "which"
Idiot: Hey, witch movie do you want to watch?
Me: *runs out of the house and tracks down the idiot posting on a forum to punch him in the face* IT'S W-H-I-C-H YOU ILLITERATE FUCK!
by Idiot-Finder2 March 19, 2015
Word used to describe someone who is particularly good at something. Used for both genders.
Mike really helped me with my loan, he is a mortgage witch.

That was delicious, you are a sandwich witch.
by stevemo April 19, 2006
A word to replace the word "bitch" when you are in the company of a younger audience.
Yeah, that girl was acting like such a witch yesterday when she ditched you.
by theblueberrymuffinman June 06, 2011
A practitioner of magick. There are several paths of spirituality that involve witchcraft, the most recognisable today being wicca and the hereditary path. Most witches are pagan although some deviate from this rule and celebrate the eight fold year.
Ya big mean witch!
by MoonRat March 11, 2004

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