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is a wanna be bitch; a girl who tries to act like a bitch but it dosen't really work out
bitch says wat she feels to your face; witch acts fake towards u, then goes and talk about u behind your back
by Alliyah June 20, 2007
someone who rips their dick off and uses it as a wand.
Tim is a witch because he riped it off and used it as a wand.
by alex king of europe January 09, 2008
Another way to say bitch without actually cursing.
"Hey mom, that girl is such a witch"
by Kiki July 20, 2004
A professional liar;(see politician.)
Damn bunch of Democrats and Republicans!
by wtf is wrong with you February 16, 2005
1. crazy bitches

2. a word you use when talking about how cold it is
1. aw damn p00f dem bitches be trippin on shr00ms mang

2. it's colder than a witches scrotum out here
by 3b0ni-s4vrvs-r3x February 05, 2005
A woman who is dressed up in a pointed hat, has a long nose, has a wart, and who is made of wood. They are often burned, and can turn people into newts (but they might get better).
"If she... weighs... the same as a duck... she's made of wood!"
"And therefore?"
"... ... A WITCH!!!"
by aaronak November 09, 2004
1. A person, usually a woman, thought to have magical powers, generally found in fairytales. Later adopted by Wiccans and the Church of Satan to attract attention to themselves so that they may later compare their "persecution" to that of the many men and women put to grusome death in Europe and North America based on superstitious fears and personal grudges

2. a bitch
She's so mean!
Yeah, what a witch!
by annonymous July 13, 2004