Your 3rd grade teacher.
"Oh yeah! I remember her!"
by Johnny Lovely February 17, 2005
a fuckin wizard. i meant, fuckin crone.
dude: hey u fuckin wizard!
crone: fu i aint a wizard ima witch ostie!1
by Yaridovichz January 01, 2008
is a wanna be bitch; a girl who tries to act like a bitch but it dosen't really work out
bitch says wat she feels to your face; witch acts fake towards u, then goes and talk about u behind your back
by Alliyah June 20, 2007
someone who rips their dick off and uses it as a wand.
Tim is a witch because he riped it off and used it as a wand.
by alex king of europe January 09, 2008
Another way to say bitch without actually cursing.
"Hey mom, that girl is such a witch"
by Kiki July 20, 2004
A professional liar;(see politician.)
Damn bunch of Democrats and Republicans!
by wtf is wrong with you February 16, 2005
1. crazy bitches

2. a word you use when talking about how cold it is
1. aw damn p00f dem bitches be trippin on shr00ms mang

2. it's colder than a witches scrotum out here
by 3b0ni-s4vrvs-r3x February 05, 2005

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