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2 definitions by RamboY

1. being of greater smartness than those surrounding you

2. Being of wise ancestors

3. What you say when you forgot the word "wisdom"!
1. Ya' know that I got some more wiseness than all ya'll dumb asses put together!

2. My great grandpa was really smart; I ended up with all of his wiseness!

3. Damn I'm so smart, I got some good "wiseness"!
by RamboY April 25, 2009
4 1
1. to give actual fact of a fake nature
2. to decieve someone to the best of your ability.
1. That yellow snow is good Shit! I'm accurfate of that!

2. There be some 'puters that don't jive but i know the info is accurfate!
by RamboY April 15, 2009
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