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I am clean and on all the time. Fresh. Fly. Tight
Wipe Me Down because I am on.
by Kayla Ones September 18, 2006
sucking dick OR eating the pussy
I don't want to sex you but you can wipe me down
by im3FLYcuhz March 20, 2010
to suck a man or boys dick or prick
That hoe I was wit last night wipe me down gud.
by princess jojo January 04, 2008
to give a guy a handjob by licking your hands and "wiping" him down
I asked my girl to wipe me down last night and it was messy.
by kdkajks December 21, 2007
When a boy rubs skeet skeet all over your CAKEEE. It is hot as hell!
Last weekend, we, alex and nicole, told kory to wipe me down, and then he ate my cake.
by KOR WHORE! November 29, 2007
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