noun;a person of diminished mental capacity
He's normal but his twin brother's a winkie, he was born second and was oxygen-deprived
by Jake February 17, 2004
Top Definition
A pee-pee
And he pulled out his WINKIE and told her it was a strawberry ice-cream cone!
by Joe C June 14, 2004
The male reproductive organ, often used in drunken pub talk in certain Australian areas.
Hey ladies, wanna see my winkie?
by Masto October 08, 2005
A slang term meaning "penis". Also spelled "winky".
Man: Have a stroke of its mane, it turns into a plan and then it turns back again when you tug on its WINKIE.

Woman: Ouuuuh, that's dirty!
by Demut April 12, 2010
a penis of extremely small size.
"Your brother's winkie looks like my pinky!"
by Big Thor April 21, 2009
A very small penis.
"Some people have winkies."
by Jay A April 22, 2003
person of any Asian descent.
My brother is dating a Winkie.
by chrispysc October 18, 2013
Occurs when one gives a facial to one's partner, where one eye is covered, causing her to wink, as opposed to a "blinkie", where both eyes are covered
You look so cute with that winkie on your face.
by Old Hairy Bastard January 01, 2010

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