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The standard native language of a country or locality.

The everyday language spoken by a people as distinguished from the literary language.

A variety of such everyday language specific to a social group or region: the vernaculars of New York City.

The idiom of a particular trade or profession: in the legal vernacular.

An idiomatic word, phrase, or expression.

The common, nonscientific name of a plant or animal.
An example of "southern" vernacular:

"I'm fixing to do that." Meaning, "I am going to do that, without a doubt. But not yet."
by vancelxix January 14, 2005
A winkie is a vagina, not a penis. In this vernacular, a penis (regardless of size, or lack thereof) is a dinkie.

Winkie and Dinkie usually play well together.

Both terms are archaic.
"What a winkie!!" -- from an unknown porno flick, referring to the young lady's vagina.
by vancelxix January 14, 2005
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