noun;a person of diminished mental capacity
He's normal but his twin brother's a winkie, he was born second and was oxygen-deprived
by Jake February 17, 2004
A piece of skin that comes out of your anus. Can be seen as a tail.
Hey Jiggles do you have a winkie?
Jiggles: You have that too?!?!
by Jiggles/Giggles Horwitz May 10, 2010
n. a person who is punched in the face and proceed to bitch out and not fight back

v. To leave your friend to get beat on: to ditch your friend right before he is punched
Thats really embarrassing, you looked like a Winkie back there.

Dude, nick just winkied into Heidies pies parking lot while i was unloaded on in front of about 30 people.
by FUSSERRO February 09, 2009
Winkie's franchise football frenzy
by AFCW April 22, 2004
Lady's "front bottom"
by Bearum September 06, 2003
A winkie is a vagina, not a penis. In this vernacular, a penis (regardless of size, or lack thereof) is a dinkie.

Winkie and Dinkie usually play well together.

Both terms are archaic.
"What a winkie!!" -- from an unknown porno flick, referring to the young lady's vagina.
by vancelxix January 14, 2005

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