A super considerate gentleman who winks. Usually an intelligent engineer with an eclectic dvd collection and wonderful roommates.
Wink gave me a television!
by Cassie March 30, 2004
A nicer word to use around your girlfriend, rather than 'wank'.
I winked her up so much last night.

Lets wink off now!

I'm up for a fuckin wink.
by Shoe McShoe April 08, 2004
Wigger in Niggers klothing
OMG, he is such a wink.
#wigger #wannabe #loser.fag #douchbag #aya
by Arf503 April 27, 2007
Word which may be used to describe the anus.
If you look at this picture, you will notice the external hemorrhoid on the wink.
#anus #alimentary canal #rectum #colon #intestine
by BJ Rocford November 10, 2006
A person from 99k and Love, Wink.
Wink just smashed my balls.
by ?? October 12, 2003
Used to describe masturbation for women.
I have a wank, she has a wink

The filty hoe was winking her little man in the row-boat so hard she shquirted her fish sauce everywhere
by this nizzle needs fizzle June 23, 2004
A cute way of referring to a penis.
Why is it half the men on the internet want to show you their wink on msn.
#penis #dangly bits #cock #dick #prick
by Granny Weatherwax September 24, 2005
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