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Wink - Used to describe anything and everything, it can substitute any word in the english/urban dictionary.
Carl: Dude what the hell is that smell?
Tim:Ah fuck man my wink blew up in the microwave.

Wink winkety winkle wink.
by winkman July 17, 2010
21 39
A term used to describe a white person who is enamored with east Asian culture; especially Japanese animation. Taken with the slur "chink" and substituting the "ch" with a "w". Similar to the wigger in its origin.
Dude, those fucking winks are in the Japan club, they oughta be shot.
by Wossen April 25, 2004
130 149
when a skirt wearing girl quickly crosses her legs and gives a quick upskirt
Me and Doug watching a girl in a bar, she crosses her legs, flashing some panty...Doug says 'she just winked at me'
by Chilli ring November 04, 2009
19 39
A bi racial person with one parent of Asian decent, and one parent of Caucasian decent.
From the slang terms of "chink" and "white", switching the "ch" for a "w".

Often used when referring to an interracial couple's baby.
"Aw, you guys are going to have a wink baby!"
by iscream January 04, 2008
20 46
A superlad with a megapenis
"ZOMFG look at the size of Wink's penis. It's huge. lolz"
by Chunnelbuddy May 21, 2008
27 59
Where I come from, this is used to represent the male penis.
"Dude, did you just touch my wink?"
by Harper February 21, 2004
40 80
A nicer word to use around your girlfriend, rather than 'wank'.
I winked her up so much last night.

Lets wink off now!

I'm up for a fuckin wink.
by Shoe McShoe April 08, 2004
8 53