a really cool store in my mall that has really hot dresses and clothes!!
i need a prom dress....let's go to windsor!!
by hey, its true what i say July 09, 2005
high school where all the stoners and stupid people go.
Dude, that dumbass over there must go to Windsor.
by meg March 19, 2005
The small white Canadian city that cowers in fear of Detroit's big black dong.
Windsor is Detroit's bitch and always will be.
by Canadia October 11, 2004
A screwed up town of 200,000+ in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The main local economy centres around the automotive indsutry, strip clubs, gambling, and ripping off drunk young Yanks.

Windsor is home to one of the worst universities in Canada that is located next to the busiest Transport Truck border crossing in the world.

The highest geographic point in the city is the old landfill and the citizens of Windsor have penis envy for Detroit, which isn't saying much.

The inbred citizens of Windsor are the most Americanised population in Canada. Windsorians also mispronounce all the street names in their city. Pierre Street is pronounced "Pie-re." Enough said.
I'm as stupid as thick shit and can't string two words together, so I went to the University of Windsor... and passed with Honours.

Windsor is the asshole of Ontario.

The gene pool in Windsor is disgustingly shallow.
by Dundasian February 06, 2005
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