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Can be known as the "Best years of their lives" for some..
but for most...total hella..and full of drama/stress and break-ups and stereotypes

Guy PrepsJocks, attend sports such as football, wreslting, baseball, they normally get the better looking girls while they have not much brains upstairs. Normally make nasty jokes about the size of their penis or how high they were the other day. Their normally tall beefy guys that all the girls drool over and are full of themselves and wouldnt be caught dead talking to someone of the lower class. Not all are like this though. listen to hip-hop and think their kinda gangster or they listen to poser alternative music.

Girl Preps These girls normally shop at abercrombie, american eagle or anchor blue. Their good looking and they sometimes put out. Some are sluts. Their mostly outgoing and are involved in leadership, student government etc. They like to party and are afraid of weed. NOrmally they walk around school with a purse, what retards. Oh and you cant forget the jeans with 10 holes in them. Listen to r&b singers and alternative rock.

Nerds They dont really give a fuck about where they fit in, they are to caught up in school and playing video games all day.

Gangsters/Mexicans/BlacksNormally hang out together, most think their hardcore gangster and like to get into fights for no reason. The girls are nasty and hate all the white chicks and want to kick all of their asses. They listen to rap/hip-hop music and hate on the white people. Gangs etc.

Punks These are the kids with the crazy hair and tight pants and van slip-ons/converse. They dont really give a fuck what people think about them and listen to music such as physcobilly/ska/punk/rockabilly. they wear leather jackets with custum designs like studs and skulls. and most are anti-government and anarchist. These kids have experiemented with shrooms/acid/e/weed and the heavey drugs. some are straight edge. They insist that "punx not dead" but it is, there is no punk bands like the ones in the 1980s

Skaters These kids hang out with the punks, wear skater shoes and shirts like emerica, dc, and band t-shirts. love to hang out at the skatepark and listen to ska/punk/metal which shoving gauges in their ears and smoke a shitload of weed. some are straight edge as well

EmoThese kids take pictures from the top of their head looking down. They normally have black/dark hair that covers their right eye. Emo boys where girl pants and 2 belts. they listen to music such as hawthorne heights/fallout boy/taking back sunday...etc. Most emos cut their wrists and spend their days and nights listening to emotional music and thinking about how horrible their life is.

Goths These kids are full of black clothing and eye makeup. Their usually very pale and wear band t-shirts. their shy and they dont talk to many people. thats why i dont kno much about them

Posers These kids wake up one day and decide oh my god! greenday? i am so into punk rock now. then they start dressing like their punks but it really just makes them look like fags because they dont kno what true punk and music really is and they think taking back sunday and greenday are punk rock.

Teachers They suck. They make less than the people at the grocerie store and they give us a shitload of homework for no fucking reason. Hisotry is useless. they make us stay in school for up to 7 hours doing useless work and getting stereotyped. yay

Student Government A group of people consisting of preps and nerds that are normally snotty.
"So..hows high school"

"It sucks, i got called a nerd today! i think ill go cut tonight"
by ughyousucknuts December 06, 2005
a word meaning "very" or "a lot of"
mostly people from california use it. and proud, i say hella all the time, because its our lingo okay get over it

i hella like his ass

that party was hella sick

the beach looks hella wicked!
by ughyousucknuts December 09, 2005
A town made up of 24,000 something people in northern california. theres pretty much nothing to do but go to walmart, or the candy shop,or taco bell and if your lucky youll find a ride to santa rosa if you dont have a car, where all there is to do it sit in traffic for 45 minutes to get to the mall. half the population shows up at the movie theatres every friday and saturday, which isnt even IN windsor. most of us spend hours on MYSPACE because we have no lives
Guy from Florida: So where do you live?
Girl from windsor: Windsor...
Guy From Florida: Where the fuck is that??!
by ughyousucknuts December 08, 2005
OKay my opinion. fall out boy is almost as bad as simple plan or good charolette, i am so not fond of their music, their just loved by all the teeny boppers across america who are brainwashed by MTV. ahh fuck..and you all saying their such a cool band and they are the greatest ever need to get a reality check and go listen to some real punk rock, not the mtv shit simple plan,fall out boy,good charolette taking back sunday etc..go listen to the ramones,sex pistols,tiger army and that shit. fuckers
Girl: lyke oh em gee!! FALL OUT BOY! omgAWD their my favorite! hehe like omg.........sugar we're goin down swingin!!! ahaaaaaaaaaaheheheheheh ROCK ON!

Me: shut up
by ughyousucknuts December 09, 2005

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