A brand new Private who just entered basic training, and is called this due to the stunned look and apparent lack of jaw control when said Private arrives at his/her basic training company and sees his/her drill sergeants for the first time.
Private Snuffy you dumb ass window licker, quit gawking and get your ass off of my bus!
by justjeansandboots March 29, 2013
A person with a mental handicap that likes to lick the windows on the special bus.

Typically they are called Nicki or Fran.

They also make fools out of themselves on videos on youtube i.e. woodstoke 4. But this is due to their sever mental disabilities. You must pity them as they think they are cool and attractive, this is also due to their tiny mental abilities.
I've heard Nicki and Fran are retards... proper window-lickers
by Leeroy90 June 12, 2011
Person that likes to lick the inside film/fog/steam off of car windows after someone just had sex in it.
Licking the back seat car windows is the closest you'll get to being with her you windowlicker.

Can you taste the sex in here?
by Scratch n Dent March 05, 2011
Dennis Hahn
Durrrr dee dee dee duhhhhhhhh.

Dennis Hahn, what the fuck are you doing?
I'm a window licker.
by 5tircrazy July 10, 2010
A retard, an idiot, or just a person that licks the windows on the special bus.
ALECK: After I asked out Kalli, I hight fived her because she said yes.

TIM: What the fuck!?!? Are you a window licker?
by Bobby Rydell June 09, 2010
Retard that sits on the bus and licks the windows. Mentally Retarded person licking the window.
That window licker just kept staring at me when i was on the bus today. Shut up you window licker.
by T Gunny and The Crew July 10, 2008
a mentally retarded short bus patron
dude, he's a total window licker!
by babynuts0 September 10, 2007

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