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When used to describe oneself, it is a comic expression used to indicate a unique and eccentric nature, i.e. one who does not follow the norm of life.
Certain people use this expression to be hurtful and condescending, while others enjoy being recognized as extraordinary.
Window Lickers Unite is a group of people gathered together as a family unit of unique individuals with common goals.
We are window lickers.
by alienation nation March 16, 2010
When you find yourself staring at the window, drooling and begin licking it.
you have your box of crayons and helmet in hand. alothough you cant lick the windows and keep them shiny clean with a helmet on.
so good luck window lickers, keep cleaning!
"omg! look at kelsey lick that window, Shes such a window licker!"
by __ellolove__ May 23, 2009
Kid with special needs whos disorder makes him lean and dribble thus cleaning the window!
Sam: hey man check out that spaz kid

Tom: Yea dude hes a total window licker

Window licker: Euuurgggh *dribble*
by Porchmonkeyforlife February 10, 2009
A pointless insult to throw at mates.

A Window-Licker is a reference to a retard whom only posseses the ability to twist his/her head and lick uncontrollably. Then crossed with the hilarious image of one licking a window.
Can be used in a one phrase sentence I.E 'Lickie-Window!'
Harry trys to ink bomb a person 2 rows infront in school. He proceeds to launch it, missing, hitting ginger haired, cadet crazed form teacher.
Aaron: (retard sounds) Lickie-Window Harry!

Tom: Lawrence is such a Window-Licker! Look at him play cricket!
by Harry Crompton February 17, 2009
A funny girl from Massachussetts who call the one she loves and cares for Windowlicker, because of her inability to remember all the nicknames of us dear friends.
That's my good friend, he/she's my windowlicker!
by richkid89 April 25, 2010
A People carrier, MPV
Vauxhall Zafira, Citroen Picasso, Ford Focus C max ETC are all examples of window licker buses with the window licker driving it usually with his/her ear stuck to the mobile phone, usually spotted driving in the middle lane. also found in carparks banging their doors against your car.
by Turbo5 January 23, 2006
a mentally impaired person, a helmet, a 'tard
on who rides the short bus.
I saw that window licker riding the short bus with all the other 'tards last week.
by Jasonian November 29, 2005