A person with a mental handicap that likes to lick the windows on the special bus.

Typically they are called Nicki or Fran.

They also make fools out of themselves on videos on youtube i.e. woodstoke 4. But this is due to their sever mental disabilities. You must pity them as they think they are cool and attractive, this is also due to their tiny mental abilities.
I've heard Nicki and Fran are retards... proper window-lickers
by Leeroy90 June 12, 2011
Person that likes to lick the inside film/fog/steam off of car windows after someone just had sex in it.
Licking the back seat car windows is the closest you'll get to being with her you windowlicker.

Can you taste the sex in here?
by Scratch n Dent March 05, 2011
Dennis Hahn
Durrrr dee dee dee duhhhhhhhh.

Dennis Hahn, what the fuck are you doing?
I'm a window licker.
by 5tircrazy July 10, 2010
A pointless insult to throw at mates.

A Window-Licker is a reference to a retard whom only posseses the ability to twist his/her head and lick uncontrollably. Then crossed with the hilarious image of one licking a window.
Can be used in a one phrase sentence I.E 'Lickie-Window!'
Harry trys to ink bomb a person 2 rows infront in school. He proceeds to launch it, missing, hitting ginger haired, cadet crazed form teacher.
Aaron: (retard sounds) Lickie-Window Harry!

Tom: Lawrence is such a Window-Licker! Look at him play cricket!
by Harry Crompton February 17, 2009
Kid with special needs whos disorder makes him lean and dribble thus cleaning the window!
Sam: hey man check out that spaz kid

Tom: Yea dude hes a total window licker

Window licker: Euuurgggh *dribble*
by Porchmonkeyforlife February 10, 2009
A funny girl from Massachussetts who call the one she loves and cares for Windowlicker, because of her inability to remember all the nicknames of us dear friends.
That's my good friend, he/she's my windowlicker!
by richkid89 April 25, 2010
Someone of low intelligence who believes they must lick the window in order to clean it.
Mike's ex wife Jill is such a window licker she lost her job at Walmart and got hired as a window washer at IBM. She then proceeded to lick the windows in order to clean them. When her boss caught her doing this she was fired from IBM as well. Jill is a big fat window licker.
by Bumpy Grey December 13, 2008
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