A physically impossible sexual position. Can only be portayed in cartoons or possibly done in a porno with visual effects. First off the position requires the man to stand on a stool (or any other thing that will elevate one from the ground). Then the man heavily lubes his genitals, then penetrates the woman (the woman is preferably shorter than the man). He then spins the woman around as fast as he can creating something that resembles a windmill.
Man: "That windmill was intense last night"

Woman: "Yeah but too bad the stool wasn't high enough and i ended up in the emergency room"
by curefortheages April 06, 2006
To use your body to swing your penis in a circular motion, hands may be moved in a amusing way to distract gay people from looking at the penis. Very often used accompanied by beeing nekkid.
Gentlemen, whip out your dicks and WINDMILL THOSE BASTARDS!
by chalK May 08, 2005
A type of basic breakdance move which involves u spining like a windmill
whoa dat bboy did some hype windmills
by Mc Mobroj September 14, 2003
While penetrating a female from behind, the arms are swung around in a circular motion. After 4 or 5 revolutions, the hands are laid forcefully on the ass cheeks, creating a loud "SMACK".
"My girl loves it when I give her the windmill."
by BRAUCHWURST April 19, 2003
A penis that is so large that it can spin around like a windmill
A: I heard that the kings windmill is 15"
B: Its true, Ive seen it
by The King October 19, 2004

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