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A drink: first the drinker takes a double-shot of Windsor (or any cheap whiskey) then drops another double-shot of Windsor (or any cheap whiskey) into a full mug of beer and chugs it.
Hey dude wanna get together drink a few windmills maybe die?
by brosof525 September 29, 2010
Marijuana cigarette constructed from one fattie crossed with two pinners to form a windmill structure. Takes a lot of weed, skill, and patience to get it right. Also seen in joint rolling handbook.
Jimmy spent two hours trying to roll a windmill and it didn't even hit good.
by guyy December 20, 2013
Fighting style where the user spins his left arm clockwise about an axis through the line of his shoulder blades and his right arm counter clockwise about the same axis with clenced fists.

Once sufficient speed is reached the user can walk towards his victim, unleashing an unpenatrable barrier of punchs.

"I don't wanna se any of this Jackie Chan bollocks - I wanna see some windmilling in, if you've got a set of keys on you - stick em in your hand and make them count."
by Pelican2004 January 20, 2006
The windmill is a joint that consists of 5 individual joints combined into one awesome joint. It is a similar roll to the cross joint, however, where the two smaller joints enter at opposite sides, 2 more joints do the same at a 90 degree angle.
Once all 5 end's are light, one is to spin the joint slowly so that the ends rotate, and look like a windmill.
Peterson: Hey man, what you smoking??
Jefferson: A windmill man...
Peterson: Sick one, gives a drag!
Jefferson: Here...
Peterson: It's F***ing awesome!!
by MashMaster December 15, 2010
a girl who has a dick and often likes to walk around large public or private establishments swinging it around to mimic the rotors of a windmill.

Some girls may be more open about it than others.

Not all of them are Lesbians.
Did you see that girl Lynne yesterday?

Yeah, she was windmilling all around the place!
by Don't call me crazy! November 25, 2009
A windmill is an underused method of gettin high, it usually concists of 4 joints poking out at the end of a round tube.
whats gwaanin man can u spark that windmill so knappyhill is buzzin mate, jebends!
by spakka110 August 09, 2006
A physically impossible sexual position. Can only be portayed in cartoons or possibly done in a porno with visual effects. First off the position requires the man to stand on a stool (or any other thing that will elevate one from the ground). Then the man heavily lubes his genitals, then penetrates the woman (the woman is preferably shorter than the man). He then spins the woman around as fast as he can creating something that resembles a windmill.
Man: "That windmill was intense last night"

Woman: "Yeah but too bad the stool wasn't high enough and i ended up in the emergency room"
by curefortheages April 06, 2006