A style of headbanging in which a metalhead swings his head in a clockwise circle in time to a metal song, causing his hair to fully extend and swing like a pendulum.

Invented by vikings, made popular by Amon Amarth, and exploited by Suicide Silence.

Inexperienced headbangers may find it hard to keep their heads up after a night of windmilling.
Example 1:

Scene kid: So I hear that you windmill too! *begins hardcore dancing*

Metalhead: Fuck your shit. *whips up tornado with hair*

Example 2:

Metalhead 1: That Amon Amarth concert was fucking awesome.

Metalhead 2: Hell yeah, but my neck hurts from windmilling too hard.

Metalhead 1: Pussy.
by edgefag May 20, 2011
Another breakdancing, move involving spining on the floor, with the legs spread open, this has a number of variations, including the 'handed windmills'-using the hands to propel you on the floor, and the 'breaker's windmill' where no hands are used and you spin purley on momentum. This is the trade mark-classic breakdance move!
It was sean's windmill that won the dance off.
by DazzleeR October 21, 2006
a basketball move refering to when a player, with either one or both hands, spins the ball in a full circle across the front of his chest/stomach and over the top of his head. It is an aerial move leading to either a lay up or dunk (ie. Windmill layup, Windmill dunk) as with all of these moves there are many variations on the theme
Vince Spins the windmill and slams it down for 2 points
by Kendle_cranks June 07, 2006
Any true spinner rim, when in motion resembles a windmill.
"I just copped me a set of 24 inch windmills for the Lac"
by sbcadillac October 17, 2005
swinging your penis around in a circular motion.
Janaszak: "Coxy what are ya doin in there?"
Cox: "Shut up Janny I'm doin the Windmill! You're welcome to join."
Janaszak: "Be right with ya"
by Ralph Cox and Steve Janaszak March 26, 2014
The art of quickly doing a windmill like motion with your arm, going into your pants and concealing your boner into your waistband, as to not draw attention to your crotchal region.
When that black chick with the phat booty walked by I had to do the windmill so the old lady next to me wouldn't get scared of my epic bonar.
by Tyrant slaughter November 07, 2011
A drink: first the drinker takes a double-shot of Windsor (or any cheap whiskey) then drops another double-shot of Windsor (or any cheap whiskey) into a full mug of beer and chugs it.
Hey dude wanna get together drink a few windmills maybe die?
by brosof525 September 29, 2010
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