In MMPORGs like MUDs, it refers to the tactic of an administrator to make something desirable or useful less so. While usually done with the noble intent to equalize an unbalancing element, it invariably evokes cries of anger and bitterness from the playerbase. Thus, it used as a term of derision.

The opposite of "wimping" is "buffing."
The admins replaced the Petrification spell on the Almighty Staff of Instant Stoning and replaced it with a Continual Light spell. Why are they always wimping the good stuff?
by Werttrew October 04, 2005
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A person who is scared, or WEAK or cowardly.
That little wimp is pathetic.
by mike f February 15, 2003
Has many meanings as follows:

1. Wimp. A physical or emotional weakling; someone who lacks courage. It is meant as a mild insult.

2. WIMP is acronym for 'Weakly Interacting Massive Particle'. WIMPs are conjectured to make up most of the dark matter in the universe.

3. In computing stands for 'Window, Icon, Menu, Pointer' paradigm.

4. As a term coined by Rush Limbaugh Wimp means 'Women-Influenced Male Person.'
1. Tim was often called a wimp by the other boys in class because he was smaller than they were.

2. One leading candidate for the WIMPs are the sparticles predicted by string theory.

3. WIMP interaction was developed at Xerox and popularized by Macintosh.

4. Rush Limbaugh comes up with all kinds of crazy slang, such as Mega Dittoes and WIMP.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
A weak person (typically male) who can't stand up for himself or others.

Mary's got her ex by the balls so good the wimp still mows her lawn every week.
by chinese water torture April 11, 2007
weak incompotent meandering pussy
You wimp get out that GD foxhole
by Neo April 27, 2004
weak person.
that guy is a real wimp
by dinis April 11, 2003
1) one who runs from a fight
2) one who bails and leaves his frnds to fight 10vs3 -_-'
3) wnt talk shit to sum1s face has to talk behind their back
4) Daniel Hall
he bailed when a midget aproached him and left me and 2 mates to fight 10 people
by Dave December 13, 2004
1. It won't play in any of the good media players so I guess we can try WiMP.
2. No fucking way I am installing Real Player! I'll just try WiMP.
by milatchi February 04, 2005

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