Wimp means someone who breaks under pressure, fearful, and who doesn't get the job done. if this the definition, there are a whole lot wimps out there. I used to think it was someone who was scared to lift heavy weights. Alot of people fall into this category. Examples of wimps are bums reason being they are lazy which means they are scared of hard work and crack under pressure, drug addicts can't deal with everyday struggles so they run away by getting high, deadbeat fathers. Passive people are wimps because they see wrong being done and don't stand up.
John is a wimp he couldn't even work an hour to safe his life
by 00067 September 03, 2012
An acronym derived from the popular phrase "Lamp Stack". WIMP is a sarcastic way of describing the use of Windows, IIS (MySQL|MSSQL), and (PHP|Python|Perl).
I just ported WordPress to the Wimp Stack.
by Jazz Hater March 09, 2009
1)One who is weak, see pussy.
2)A white "pimp"
1)"Dude! Just do it! C'mon! You're such a wimp!"
2)"Bih, I'm the new generation of pimp. Wigga, I'm a wimp."
by Haylee Bob February 29, 2008
someone who is very weak and/or is a pussy
Bencic you wimp fight Kelly
by LilJOnwhattt: July 26, 2005
Weak, Incompetent, Malingering Pussy. First used by US Airborne troops in training during WWII
"Get up, wimp, and attack!"
by PukinBuzzard February 10, 2009
An acronymn for "White Male Power Structure"
With all their rules and conventions -- School Systems and Corporations are the most obvious manifestations of the WiMPS.
by Ted Servo November 01, 2008
Stands for "Woe Is Me Poster". In social media, one who posts for the purposes of soliciting sympathy from followers or friends. Example, "Having a bad day." or "Can't seem to wake up."
That person's posts are not funny or witty, they're just whiney. They're a W.I.M.P.
by RyeGuy July 12, 2012

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