Weak, Incompetent, Malingering Pussy. First used by US Airborne troops in training during WWII
"Get up, wimp, and attack!"
by PukinBuzzard February 10, 2009
An acronymn for "White Male Power Structure"
With all their rules and conventions -- School Systems and Corporations are the most obvious manifestations of the WiMPS.
by Ted Servo November 01, 2008
W.I.M.P = Wigga In Management Position
my boss"Hey yo wuhss goood my fellow white Boi"
Me (baby face)"aint nothing W.I.M.P"
by Baby face 7 November 25, 2006
wannabe pimp
George "Dubya" Bush is a wimp.
by eggnog November 24, 2003
White Male Power Structure
With their suffocatingly oppressive rules and conventions, High Schools and Corporations are prime manifestations of the WiMPS.
by Ted Servo November 01, 2008
a form of dark matter
If you look at this star, you can clearly see a wimp pass in front of it.
by Hardock the Destroyer of Kittens November 18, 2004
Defined by Manowar as one that cannot listen to Heavy Metal, and in his defensive will usually give reasons such as 'It all sounds the same' and 'You can't hear what he is saying'
"We don't attract wimps, caus we're too loud" Manowar - Kings of Metal
by BPRW August 11, 2004

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