A very handsome and sweet guy who i definitely have a thing for..=) i cant stop smiling everytime I see him... he gets me so excited!! Seriously anyone who doesnt get with him is missing out!! He's amazing
william w
by krissyE April 19, 2009
One of the most incredible guys out there. A "will" can make you smile on any given day and life seems terrible without a "will" in it. I hope all the wills have happy birthdays!
That will made me smile today!
by I don't know../ May 12, 2011
Is a great guy. An extremely good kisser. Can be moody at times, but is wonderful when he's in a good mood. The Perfect Boyfriend. Usually a skater. Wears his heart on his shoulder, so he's hurt easily. Very trustworthy, but not very trusting. A funny guy. Don't piss him off, because he will get payback.
OMG. That "Will" guy is so hot!
by >Her< February 03, 2010
Will is the latin term for never ending sexiness. This particular man, altough he was passed up for the god of hair products twice, has been voted People Weekly's Sexiest man alive 39 times, tying with Brad Pitt. Although usually nomadic, he is currently setteled in Newport Beach, due to his preference to warm climate. He joined a nudist colony in April, because he felt tan lines were unflattering. Will does not attend school or have any hobbies;
he devotes his time to his looks, trying to become as sexy as humanly possible. His followers have devoted many petitions to him, and he even has gotten nominated for pope but unfortunatly the cardinals found out about the....indescretions..... So in the name of the almost pope, completely gorgeous almost god, lets all get naked.
Will is a sexy beast
by Only a loyal Follower September 14, 2008
He is a beautiful, terrible being. A destroyer of worlds. The conquerer of Earth. He is all that is man. Beautiful women flock to him and all men envy him. He will rule the world with his iron fist and see that only the strong prosper. Galactic conquest is next on this loving yet tyrannical ruler's agenda. Gods tremble before his awesomeness.
Zues: We shall---
Hermes: Lord Zues, the great and all powerful Will is coming.
Zues: Damn! He makes even me look like a bitch ass pansy!
Hermes: I'm gay.
Aphrodite: Will crippled me for life with his massive member!
by MeerPeanuts January 29, 2010
Your best friend. Will is the person you can tell ANYTHING. Blonde haired, amazing, wonderful and stupid. No matter how bad of a day you've had, he'll always make you feel better. A Will can be your bruh, or a girls best friend, but no matter what, he's the best, and dont forget!
Will you my bruh
by ThisbeCaroline December 02, 2011
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