short for wille dees or air force ones. most common is a fresh pair of white wills that will go with just about any outfit. fresh white tee, evisu jeans, fresh white wills. The dopeboy dresscode.
Nigga i just catch a fresh pair of white wills from tha bootleg man.
by Tonisha June 24, 2007
Wills is a slang term, meaning a working girl who takes calls for a living. Other names of this term are Elise , Harlot, Scarlet, Will'ssss. Its someone with a loose cannon attitude, branded as being a thoughtful person who would harm herself./ before putting others at risk. To be called a Wills is the highest compliment someone can accept, but when connected with other names such as Elise, Harlot, or cheap it’s typically meant as an insult implying, cheap, recycled, trash, bogun.
You get around like a Wills...
by Brad Burner April 15, 2007
Slow, strange, and fat, but loved by his smarter, sexier friends. :)
Awww, he's such a Will, but we gotta love him!
by Soupman! December 30, 2011
A really insensitive, retarded, pissy little brat who thinks he's the shit. He likes to call you really mean names, and when it upsets you, he laughs and says, "I didn't do anything!"
Basically, he's an asshole. Watch out for Will, because he will fuck your life up.
Omg Will is such a fucking retard.
by shalarkuttixD January 29, 2011
noun. 1. someone with the conversational skills of a peanut 2. to ignore someone's reply 3. to annoyingly reject something really cool you are being told.
1. will "hi."

friend "hi, how are you?"

will "kl."

2. "I texted Jake but he didn't reply. He's such a will."

3. excited friend "omg, did I tell you about..."

will "kl. i just ate a cookie"

suddenly unexcited friend ":-( meh. stop being a will."
by mronson October 26, 2010
One of the names mortals may use to address the most awesome of men.
I know this guy named Wills, and he's a total ninja! He chops off heads ALL day!
by neonreaper December 24, 2003
A big cock sucking piece of shit. Usually is made fun of by everyone and is the worlds bitch. Owes money to many people which is why he is a cunt.
John is such a will, he makes me what to tear my dick off!
by WillHater August 05, 2011
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