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The fastest, hardest, heaviest and best thrash album of all time. If you don't own it you're a pussy.
Angel Of Death is the most badass song of all time.
by DeadByDawn October 30, 2004
Depending on your viewpoint, either a hero or a terrorist.
Red Army Faction (Germany), Chechens (Chechenya), Palestinians (Israel), White Rose (Nazi Germany), USA (World)
by DeadByDawn November 08, 2004
Generally used by old people of themselves. They're living longer than they're "supposed to", hence they're living on borrowed time.
My 90th birthday is approaching. I feel like I'm living on borrowed time.
by DeadByDawn September 30, 2004
Personal bitches of the Bush regime. See lapdog.
Their job is basically to take it up the ass when not sucking George Dubya's cock.
by DeadByDawn November 01, 2004
The best fuckin' metal band on the planet.
If you want to listen to good music, pick up a Misery Index album.
by DeadByDawn October 05, 2004
A comeback used when confronted in an aggressive fashion.
Thug: I'ma kill you, mothafucka!
You: Take a number, bitch.
by DeadByDawn October 14, 2004
Home of high welfare and high suicide rates. Home of strong liquor and countless alcoholics. Home of high prices and high taxes. Home of the nightless night and dayless day. Home of asocial people and social welfare. Home of mobile phones and untalkative people. Home of bad yet popular music.

Also the most Americanized country in the world.
I love livin' in Finland.
by DeadByDawn October 08, 2004
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