Slow, strange, and fat, but loved by his smarter, sexier friends. :)
Awww, he's such a Will, but we gotta love him!
by Soupman! December 30, 2011
A really insensitive, retarded, pissy little brat who thinks he's the shit. He likes to call you really mean names, and when it upsets you, he laughs and says, "I didn't do anything!"
Basically, he's an asshole. Watch out for Will, because he will fuck your life up.
Omg Will is such a fucking retard.
by shalarkuttixD January 29, 2011
noun. 1. someone with the conversational skills of a peanut 2. to ignore someone's reply 3. to annoyingly reject something really cool you are being told.
1. will "hi."

friend "hi, how are you?"

will "kl."

2. "I texted Jake but he didn't reply. He's such a will."

3. excited friend "omg, did I tell you about..."

will "kl. i just ate a cookie"

suddenly unexcited friend ":-( meh. stop being a will."
by mronson October 26, 2010
One of the names mortals may use to address the most awesome of men.
I know this guy named Wills, and he's a total ninja! He chops off heads ALL day!
by neonreaper December 24, 2003
A big cock sucking piece of shit. Usually is made fun of by everyone and is the worlds bitch. Owes money to many people which is why he is a cunt.
John is such a will, he makes me what to tear my dick off!
by WillHater August 05, 2011
A "Will" is a complex, but caring being. Passionate lover, and drug addict. Loves sex, and may cheat on you to get it. Needs to feel free, and gets bored easily in relationships. Writes poetry and loves music. Will is the kind of person that you woud never want to fall in love with. He's the person that you will wake up in the middle of the night thinking about, and the prson that a small part of you will never be able to let go. He's socially aakward, but very smart. Horrible at face-to-face conversations, and isn't always particularily attractive. Can be crude and doesn't have a strong threshold for virgins or conservative thinking of any type. He can be cocky. Loves to think of himself as original, but his style is actually just like any other person who claims that title. Holds no secrets and is very open. Takes nothing seriously, and tends to judge quickly and lacks empathy.If you evr date a William, letting him go would certainly be the best and worst decision of your life.
"His social aakwardness and love of art made him an easily defined Will."
by ziploc437 August 10, 2008
prick. hated. annoys everyone. thinks he's the coolest person around when no one likes him. ugly. talentless. stupid.
Person 1: hey, do you know will?
Person 2: you mean that disgusting, stupid guy that no one hates? ive heard of him
by Just a man telling the truth December 07, 2010

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