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short for wille dees or air force ones. most common is a fresh pair of white wills that will go with just about any outfit. fresh white tee, evisu jeans, fresh white wills. The dopeboy dresscode.
Nigga i just catch a fresh pair of white wills from tha bootleg man.
by Tonisha June 24, 2007
any pill you can pop that aint a prescription. Any pill you can get on the streets. When you buy pills you buying a grippa.
CUSTOMER: Wha goin on family, i lookin for any nigga that pushin a grippa. I wantin 10 triple stack naked lady's.

MIDDLE MAN: Say word family i know just who to call fa you.

DEALER: Tell dat dude i got wat he need for about $150.

**Middle Man tells customer**

CUSTOMER: Fuck that I know a dude roun tha corner that i can get den shit for $70 from.

DEALER: Well fuck then why you askin me.
by TONISHA June 14, 2007
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