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Japanese clothing company which was started by Hidehiko Yamane. Evisu jeans are particually sought after due to their exclusiveness and the fact that they are hand-made. Often very expensive, as authentic evisu jeans can cost upwards of $200 for a pair.
I just spent my last paycheque on a pair of evisu jeans. I'm broke now, but these jeans were worth it.
by Clothing Critique July 22, 2006
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evisu, the best brand of jeans in the world, been heavy in the u.k for time and the u.s is startin' to come thru now wit jay-z and joe budden jus a couple of the names bustin these sick jeans

not for the pikies or neds, unless they have access to ebay where unfortunately mans can flex bare fake styles

if u know and wear these jeans, 9 times outta 10 ur gonna be a dappa
wats that fraggle doin bustin fake evisu's???

check out dizzee flexin dem multipocket evisu's
by Pa££y Boy May 17, 2004
designer brand originating from japan. stores in hk, japan etc.
evisubaby. evisubaby. evisubaby. evisubaby.
by ekleeza April 01, 2007
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