What was I Looking For?

Surfing the web aimlessly, or going off on a tangent whilst looking for something else on the web. Possibly a form of new-age procrastination/distraction.
This is why I am on this website, I have just stumbled across it whilst casually wilf-ing as i have nothing better to do/am avoiding work etc.
by E R D April 15, 2007
This is really for lonely guys who can't get layed by anyone else but fat chicks.WILF Whale I'd Like to Fuck
Hey sexy (although she sweats in canada in january),I think you're a WILF and you should come back to my place.(tow truck optional).Explain wilf as another definition,then throw a twinkie and make her run while thinking of the "jello" song.
by Nasty Mcdirty May 04, 2006
Acronym: Widow I'd Like to F@#$
Bob: "Her husband just died" :-(
Bill: "Dayum, but dat booty tho!?!? Straight WILF"
by Gordbillybob December 04, 2014

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