A stoner word for frozen pizza, prepared in an oven or microwave, then devoured with reckless abandon by a group of stoners who have the munchies. Rarely cut with a knife, the wildabeast is eaten by ripping apart chunks of dough, cheese, and sauce, and cramming as much as one can into one's mouth. The resulting scene is reminicent of a pack of hyenas devouring the carcass of an african wildabeast.
I am so blazed, I could really go for some wildabeast right now...
by Nick Baits September 22, 2006
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Any of a breed of large oversized women with bad hygene who call themselves "big boned". The breed tends to have a foul odor, wear out of date clothing, and dress in a proto-hippie manner. Typically feminist, will blame their lack of a relationship of weak minded men rather than their own fould odors or appearance. Most wildabeasts will deny being wildabeasts.

See also mare, maryanne.
I'll never go in the ladies room after that wildabeast has been in there again! The smell was enough to make me retch!
by LanguageWeapon December 27, 2004
A horrible monster-like looking person. Someone that makes your eyes bleed when looking at them.
1.Lorelei's a wilda beast, would it even help to give her a make over.

2.Theres a wilda beast, cover your eyes!
by urlilcrazybitch2 June 28, 2009
Of or pertaining to the possession of the fab 5 inlcuding: black mustache, big nose, bulging eyes, saggy ass, overpowering toungue
I was so desperate for some action I had to settle for the Wildabeast.
by Kurt/jim December 07, 2008
A person with abnormal, gorilla like arms who is an athlete. Usually around 6 feet tall, he commonly makes up words and forms them into songs,
Look at the crazy ass nigga he must be a Wil DaBeast
by Tit Wad June 29, 2009
I must take credit for this one myself. A wildabeast is a girl that is so ugly, fat, hairy and nasty that you would expect to see her in Africa on a safari.
So are you going on safari? Cause that chick your hittin on is definitly a wildabeast
by BIGGDAD September 11, 2009
When a male is nude and from the standing posture bends over to pick something up or stretch. The testicles are then wedged between the legs but protruding to the back side. Mimicking an image similar to a male wildebeest in Africa.
I was bent over preparing a bath for myself and my lady came in and caught a glimpse of the wildabeast!
by jadam August 02, 2004
this occurs when a man and a women have un protected sex. when you get this diseaseyou will get diaria, occur some feeling of nausea, sneezing blood,thinner bones, and uncontrollable boners...you could go to a doctor and ask for some medicine and say i haveGAYSHLIRFENBERFEN DISEASE or call 911 and see how they can pleasure your needs.

Jimmy:i saw in urban dictionary under Wildabeast that you should see a pharmacist or call 911 and see how they can pleasure your needs.

by Jimmmmmmmm billy jooo August 15, 2011

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