You shave your pubes and hold them in your left hand. Then you jizz in her face then throw the pubes on her face! And then you make the chewbacka noise!
Why is there pubic hair on your face? Tom gave me the wildabeast last night.
by hawaiian punch peter September 16, 2009
A stoner word for frozen pizza, prepared in an oven or microwave, then devoured with reckless abandon by a group of stoners who have the munchies. Rarely cut with a knife, the wildabeast is eaten by ripping apart chunks of dough, cheese, and sauce, and cramming as much as one can into one's mouth. The resulting scene is reminicent of a pack of hyenas devouring the carcass of an african wildabeast.
I am so blazed, I could really go for some wildabeast right now...
by Nick Baits September 22, 2006
something that you "shout out" when you want to exclaim something.
when you hit your head on something... like, say... getting out of your car... you then yell: "Wildabeast!!!"

or... you find out you got an "A" on a test you thought you did bad on... upon receiving that graded test back, you may then have the opportunity to yell: "Wildabeast!"
by Chelry515 October 17, 2006

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