Male, no social life, compulsively asking wikipedia all kind of questions, day and night becoming a Wikipedophile.

Ethymology: Wikipedia "Fast Education" (Hawaiian: Wiki Wiki "Fast" + Ecyclopedia (Gk. enkyklios paideia = "child education") + Philòs "lover" = "Wikipedo" = "Fast Education" (omitting "lover")

Stop it man! You are obsessing.. you're like a wikipedo!

misspellings: Wikiphaedo, wikiphedo wikipedofile
synonym: Wikipedophile
by mave73 March 16, 2008
A short poem, like haiku or a zen koan, that is written using the "random article" feature on Wikipedia. Meant to inspire or provoke a smile, these wry poems should be written, as well as forgotten, as quickly as possible.
A wikipedo is a short poem written using the "random article" feature on Wikipedia.


The secret cheese that
powers Hollywood
comes in two varieties
blockbuster and huh.

future sports drink
and also beautiful
river in Sweden.

Elena Yevgenyevna Dostay
the Russian archer
shot not arrows
but Freedom.

—Larry Sawyer
by Larry Sawyer June 19, 2008

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