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italian woman is somebody that is usually so self centered and envious about foreign womens beauty (especially from north or east european girls)and mean to resort to every trick and cheap shot just to steal some focus and attention. ending up to look and act like the most awful bitch in the world.
sometimes italian women, resort also to go on dictionaries and define themelves as hot, cute, pretty, attractive and gorgeous. male opinions not requested.
by mave73 May 08, 2008
"to a T" means right this way, exactly or precisely so.

it's not certain exactely what the T stands for but rather cautiously, I can belive T being the first letter of a word.
The most likely source, most expert say. can be tittle.
In my opinion can also be Total.
(Nicky Santoro): "I would carry things out to a T".
"I will quote this to a T."
"This is total BS! to a T!"
by mave73 March 01, 2008
Those who take the dog for a short walk and let the dog use the town as its toilet
is this little dog yours or you're just his dog shitter?
by mave73 October 12, 2007
The accidental sending of a text message,
resulting in the recipient receiving a message that makes little to no sense, or makes you a big, big embarrassed ass.
He had a premature textaculation, so he wrote her: "I was looking again at your picture when I came ..." Ooops! message sent! instead of ".. I was looking again at your picture when I came to the conclusion that probably we never met." well.. what do you know about that! what a total ass!
by mave73 August 16, 2008
Natural gravity-like phenomenon by which female breasts attract male eyes.
When I saw Sandra after her boob job I definitely felt she had a lot more B-Force.
by mave73 October 21, 2008
Male, no social life, compulsively asking wikipedia all kind of questions, day and night becoming a Wikipedophile.

Ethymology: Wikipedia "Fast Education" (Hawaiian: Wiki Wiki "Fast" + Ecyclopedia (Gk. enkyklios paideia = "child education") + Philòs "lover" = "Wikipedophile" = "Fast Education lover"
Stop it man! You are obsessing.. you're like a wikipedophile!
by mave73 March 03, 2008
Ryandate is a low cost date.

synonyms: ryangirl
Hey man, this one is a Ryandate. I'll pay only for gas and taxes, ride is for free.
by mave73 May 20, 2008
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