The best friend anyone could ever ask for, she has a smile that could light up a million faces. No matter what happens she stays true to you, and your friendship couldnt be taken down by anything or anyone. Shes beautiful, there is nobody out there that could ever replace her. Shes perfect in every way, and her eyes are ocean blue, when the sun hits them they look like the sky ^^ . Your friendship is everlasting, and it will never end which you know for sure, because if it ever did you wouldnt be able to go on. She has a way of cheering you up always, and when shes upset all you want to do is make her smile because you cant stand it.
how i wish that ellyn girl didnt hangout with wifey, im kindof jealous.

Wifey is the best friend EVEr.
by anonymoustinney April 10, 2011
More special than a girlfriend. Different from a wife. The type of girl thats down for whatever. Your bestfriend/lover/partner in crime. That ride or die type chick. Has your back through anything and loves making you happy. All the perks without the actual marriage. A wifey is a good thing to be!
"thats my wifey, my down ass chick! I love her!"
by hulkinhailey January 04, 2013
A girl who you've been dating for at least 3 years and with whom you currently live. She's someone you intend to marry, and someone you view as more than just a girlfriend, but who is still not legally bound to you. The wifey is becoming more common as people are more deliberative about entering into marriage. A lot of people in the current generation are either waiting until they are financially in better shape to get married or are putting it off to work out problems before they walk down the aisle.
"You've been dating Kerri for 5 years. When is she going to become your wife?"
"She's my wifey, and I love her so much, but she won't become my wife until I can figure out my cheating problem.
by Tucker_Twat July 05, 2014
What a trashy man calls a woman he wants to make feel special even though he's not actually gonna marry her and will continue to sleep around with other women. Trashy women feel this is a badge of honor.
"Dats my wifey, don't tell her about us."

"I'm his wifey bitch, back off!"
by howhyyoumad? August 06, 2012
Please help me publish this.

An elephant joined to a rat in marriage; a female spouse.

You are my only wifey. Ma Sau Yee.
In fact it shouldn't be in urban dictionary, coz this is not a new word. To me, our love exist from very long time ago.
Sweet Wifey.
Anxious Wifey.
Lazy Wifey.
Sentimental Wifey.

Love you, Wifey.
by Rat B October 01, 2012
a name used by girls to show that this person is more than just your bestie and that she is incredibly important to you in every way.
Girl "That's my she's my wifey!!!😘"
by that one girl 777 April 13, 2015
Yo motha fuckin WIFE!!
She's not just my baby momma, she's my wifey
by Your M Effin Wife March 19, 2013

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