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When you want to make sure that everyone knows you aint lying. Deadly serious.
low it man she is safe alie
by Madie April 28, 2005
A ghetto word for man/boy etc
Look at that breda over there hes buff alie!
by Madie April 28, 2005
A word that originated in Liverpool means ugly. Used as a joke.
1. Hey ugz whats good?
2. Whats going on ugz?
by Madie April 28, 2005
A girl that a man really cares about more than just a girlfriend but less then a wife.
(A) You coming to chill at bobs yard
(B) Nah gotta see da wifey
(A) 4get da wifey chill wit ur bredrins
(C) Low it man is all loved up
by Madie April 28, 2005

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