taken by one man/woman and one man/woman only, faithful and loved by the one person.
im wifed-up and loving my life.
by dada polk April 27, 2008
When a man is held down or in check by a female counterpart so as to not engage in social situations with other members of the general public.
Our good buddy Brian Davis was "wifed up" this evening and instead of hanging out with the guys, wished to just gay it up and make love by the fireside.
by Wach November 09, 2007
1.To be completly tied down to a girl you have known for a short time. 2.Pu$$y whipped beyond repair 3. Shamelessly in love with a girl your whole crew ran thru at one time or another. 4. The act of auctioning of your testicals to the first girl that gargles them one time. Then never again because shes got you whipped.
1.Q. Wheres Oj? A. Man he dont kick it no more you know that nikkas wifedup
by ShimmyD July 07, 2011
When someone of either gender, suddenly in a short period of time, start dating another person. Then all of a sudden that's the only thing that matters. Or getting serious in a realtionship too quick.
everyone's getting wife'd up and moving away.

He's all wife'd up, he's not going to come out with us.
by LuckyLuvT7 October 21, 2007
Someone who is in a relationship. Specifically someone who is completely involved in a relationship that they ignore friends and change their lifestyle.
Erica - Hey Molly you are completely wifed up huh?
Molly - No way, me and Harry Potter are barely seeing each other. Besides he is way to cool for me just like everyone else ever and ever and ever.
Erica - You don't even hang out with us anymore though. You just play Quidditch with him all day.
Molly - Well Erica, really no one likes hanging out with you anyway. You are kind of a loser, but ok maybe I am a little wifed up.
by rap battle master March 30, 2009
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