Another word for Wife.
I wonder what my wif is doing for tea.

Come here wif, I want you.
by jedipunk September 08, 2003
Means good and bad or at the same time, or anything for that matter. Wif could me shit or happy. You can tell what someone is talking about because of the tone in which it is said.
Wif can be used as any word in any sentance.

A: How are you today?
B: Very wif
A: That good to wif

And almost every word in this sentance

A: I wiffed my wif so wif that it can't wif.
by Rag P Trayberg November 11, 2004
(W)isconsin (I)nbreed (F)aggot

Anyone from wisconsin knows the term FIB, (fucking illinois bastards). WIF is what people from illinois retort back to them. Being from illinois, you also have the satisfaction of knowing your better than everyone from wisconsin too.
None of these stupid WIF's know how to drive.
by Carl B September 14, 2004

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