A word used to describe a feeling of confusion, bemusement and a feeling of being pathetic.
I'm hungover and feeling sorry for myself...

#gah #pah #wah #thwapow #twurple
by Al Cookie August 31, 2006
A serpentine hand movement indicating a sine wave in the air.
In a car: "Hey, quit wibbling your hand! I've got to roll the window up!"
by KelliHolland June 01, 2005
cat, feline domesticus, derived from a combination of the words 'wittle kittle'

can also be used as 'wiblet', a shortened form
"Look at that cute wibble, I want to squeeze it."

"I didn't know you had two wibbles!"

"That stupid wiblet got hair on my black sweater"
by EO January 26, 2005
v. To do what a wibble does.
"Jim wibbles."
by coolsi November 10, 2003
to shake and wiggle at the same time.
Watch me wibble
by Cole August 16, 2003
An old boys summer camp favorite, the Wibble. The act of putting your own hand down your pants, holding your balls until your hand is nicely warmed, then placing your clammy palm on the unsuspecting cheek of a fellow camper or counselor while exclaiming "Wibble".
Johnny removes his sticky warm palm from his pants and plants it on the cheek of his unsuspecting counceller Bill:

Johnny: "Wibble!!!"
Bill: "Sheeeet, wibbled for the 4th time today..."
#wibble #wibbled #wibbling #camp #counselor
by MrWibble October 04, 2009
A combination of a hug and a cuddle.

Seth felt bad, and needed a wibble from his best friend Mira.
#hug #cuddle #wibble #caress #embrace
by KevBG January 31, 2008
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