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An old boys summer camp favorite, the Wibble. The act of putting your own hand down your pants, holding your balls until your hand is nicely warmed, then placing your clammy palm on the unsuspecting cheek of a fellow camper or counselor while exclaiming "Wibble".
Johnny removes his sticky warm palm from his pants and plants it on the cheek of his unsuspecting counceller Bill:

Johnny: "Wibble!!!"
Bill: "Sheeeet, wibbled for the 4th time today..."
by MrWibble October 04, 2009
Wibble can mean anything from a hammer to a ham and musterd buttie.
While working on site with a mate off 8 years we used the word wibble to mean anything.My mate could be about to cut a length of timber he might say pass the wibble and I would pass him the saw.I might be about to fit a door and would say pass the wibble and he would give me the plane.We had worked together for so long we instinctivly knew what wibble was needed.
by Bill Hailey October 09, 2007
To designate a thin or empty spot in a handmade cigarette, particularly as made by consumer cigarette-making machines. Definition collected in 2006. May only be local to Connecticut, USA, and perhaps just one person.
Damn, this cigarette has a major wibble in it.

This machine makes too many wibbles. I wish my old one hadn't broken.
by Steve O'Rourke March 10, 2007
Word used in a serious conversation to break the mood.
A: "No, I saw you with him at that pub 5 days ago!"
B: "LIAR!"

*Lengthy pause*

C: "Wibble."
A+B: "Shut up."
by Rincewind_SW July 25, 2005
A serpentine hand movement indicating a sine wave in the air.
In a car: "Hey, quit wibbling your hand! I've got to roll the window up!"
by KelliHolland June 01, 2005
cat, feline domesticus, derived from a combination of the words 'wittle kittle'

can also be used as 'wiblet', a shortened form
"Look at that cute wibble, I want to squeeze it."

"I didn't know you had two wibbles!"

"That stupid wiblet got hair on my black sweater"
by EO January 26, 2005
Pointless, random messages left on message boards by bored / time wasting internet users.

Wibble: To post pointless messages.
Wibblage: The pointless messages left.
Wibbler: A person who leaves pointless messages.
"You really should try to wibble less..."

"I haven't had time for much wibblage recently - I've been busy."

"Wibblers of the world unite..."
by Loao August 01, 2004