to weave in and out of traffic
I almost got in an accident because I decided to wibble at like 120 mph
by g-sauce55 June 24, 2007
To designate a thin or empty spot in a handmade cigarette, particularly as made by consumer cigarette-making machines. Definition collected in 2006. May only be local to Connecticut, USA, and perhaps just one person.
Damn, this cigarette has a major wibble in it.

This machine makes too many wibbles. I wish my old one hadn't broken.
by Steve O'Rourke March 10, 2007
Word used in a serious conversation to break the mood.
A: "No, I saw you with him at that pub 5 days ago!"
B: "LIAR!"

*Lengthy pause*

C: "Wibble."
A+B: "Shut up."
by Rincewind_SW July 25, 2005
1.A word to substitue an answer to any question when the answer is not known.

2.A word used to stop arguments
1.Person A: What is the square root of 43723?
Person B: Wibble

2. Person A: "loud shouts at person B"
Person B: "Loud shouts at person A"
Person C: Wibble!
All 3: Loud laugher
by Meggles February 14, 2005
Pointless, random messages left on message boards by bored / time wasting internet users.

Wibble: To post pointless messages.
Wibblage: The pointless messages left.
Wibbler: A person who leaves pointless messages.
"You really should try to wibble less..."

"I haven't had time for much wibblage recently - I've been busy."

"Wibblers of the world unite..."
by Loao August 01, 2004
A very sexy form of dancing. The dancee performs the wibble by wiggling and swaying at the same time.
*wibbles on the dance floor*
by Bad_Cat February 20, 2005
verb: to fold recklessly ; to crease ; to cause wrinklege
Fold the laundry nicely, NOT wibble it!!
Stop wibbling up that napkin, please, Beatrice.
by Dinah February 27, 2004
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