something that moves with a wibbling motion
Dads belly goes Wibble Wobble
#fat #wabble #wibble #moving #doobly #wobble
by Eddy Watkins September 24, 2005
1. Verb: To wiggle and wobble at the same time.
2. Noun: Something that wiggles and wobbles.
Dude, that refrigerator handle has a bad wibble.
by Andrew February 14, 2004
To fret nervously
Aimee wibbles a lot
by Dan November 09, 2003
To talk rubbish !
That guy can wibble on for hours !
by Anonymous July 07, 2003
1) An almost shakey movment, like a jiggle only with more random directions.

2)The www in a URL of a website.

3) A feeling in the pit of your stomach, caused by excitement or mushrooms.
1) Man, look at the JELL-O wibble!

2) The website would be pronounced
wibble dot urban dictionary dot com.

3) AWWW MAN! I'm gettin' all wibbley!
#jiggle #shake #wibbley #wibblage #www
by Sunny Steelz November 07, 2006
Used to describe a long (commonly between 5 and 30 minutes in duration) rambling, often nonsensical monologue. It may cover multiple seemingly unconnected and wildly unrelated topics, and may or may not be directed to anyone else present or indeed inanimate objects. Especially common to those under the influence of alochol, and/or marijuana.
We were all totally smashed when Mike began to wibble uncontrolably.
#verbal diahorreoa #smashed #stoned #socially incapable #logomania
by Siwalker September 27, 2006
Wibble can mean anything from a hammer to a ham and musterd buttie.
While working on site with a mate off 8 years we used the word wibble to mean anything.My mate could be about to cut a length of timber he might say pass the wibble and I would pass him the saw.I might be about to fit a door and would say pass the wibble and he would give me the plane.We had worked together for so long we instinctivly knew what wibble was needed.
#hammer #nail #screwgun #chisel #bucket
by Bill Hailey October 09, 2007
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